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How to do an Estate Sale, Moving Sale, or Silent Auction.


1. Be ORGANIZED! Make a LOGBOOK, or better yet an ONLINE sharable spreadsheet in GOOGLE SHEETS.

2. ITEM NUMBER.. Item Title.. Item Description.. Item Condition.. Notes.. PRICE.

3. Then, after 75% of the items are listed in the spreadsheet, roughly, make a list of MAJOR CATEGORIES.

 • Why? There is no way to know how to organize the website without this info.

4. PHOTOGRAPH each item, from at least two angles, and note the ITEM NUMBER.

5. Put the photos in FOLDERS using a code-system like:  MB-001  for item 001. Etc.

Doing ALL of this will make it much easier for all.


Serialized numbers on each page, one page per guest. Buyer Name, Phone, Email... List of items they may be interested in. FOLLOWUP with EMAILS or phone calls, or text messages... Form-letter emails can be CUSTOMIZED to each participant, using COREFACT email system and email templates.

Using COREFACT you can mail followups...


 • Automatically Customized to each participant!

More later... It's Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend.  ENJOY it!

 3964 Millbrook SALE -- Card 3.5x2.5 roughly bizcard+

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