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The Millbrook Estate Sale
  in Santa Rosa and in Lincoln Hills
 features a large collection of
  remarkable home furnishings for sale!

Please enjoy exploring all the pages to find what may delight you, your friends and family. These furnishings were designed and carefully selected by and for the home of an interior designer and her husband, to enjoy with their friends, and family. You may notice an eye for style here that appeals to many of us in the California Wine Country. Impeccable design is the guiding principle, and professional access to the best-of-the-best in home furnishings was a great advantage. Looking for something special for your Living Room, Family Room, Media Room, Dining Room, Kitchen, Bedroom, Office, Study, and Library? Art, Books, or Outdoor Living?  

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 Contact  Camille  of   Interior Design Concepts   at   1 (707) 575-9997  - or -  1 (707) 292-7884  mobile,  for appointment.


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:: SOME of these items have been PLACED with this consignment store ::