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There are three offices (home offices, study, library) worth of furniture here. Two matching Oak desks and a credenza (long, low side cabinet.)

Also featurng an Antique Victorian-American EASTLAKE side chair with Crewel upholstery and Antique Spanish walnut desk.

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  ≡≡≡ Millbrook 009  Oak desks - Two (2) — and a Matching Credenza —      0000-thin-space

Two Oak Desks, and one matching Credenza. Price Reduced!   —   Oak Desks Two (2) and a matching Oak Credenza (1). 

  •  Two matching oak desks, 4 drawers each, 60" W x 30" D x 29" H.  
  •  Matching Oak Credenza, 60" Deep x 20" Wide  x 29" high.

All are in Good condition.   Credenza $100. Desk $ nnn —  OBO.

Oak Desks 2 and Credenza 1 +056+177++

These three matching pieces would appear the same color in the same lighting; the lighting is different in the photos, so they appear different.


≡≡≡ Millbrook 010  — Large entertainment unit, bookcase, or storage unit. — was $325  now $200.   

Large entertainment unit or storage unit, great for office or home. 

About 74" overall wide x 18" deep x 62 tall, Black and walnut finish.

3 pieces == 2 ends 18 1/2" wide x 12 1/2" deep x 62" tall; Center, 36" wide x 18" deep x 62" tall, approx.

Can hold books, art pieces or TV in center. Open top closed with doors on bottom units with adjustable shelves inside.

Good condition.  Price Reduced!  $200.   OBO     ••• also •••    Small three (3) drawer chest on the left: $30. 

3 piece entertainment bookshelf or storage units

Small white drawer unit, on left  ::  $25.    Three-pieces: bookcase, entertainment, or storage  ::  $200.  OBO 


≡≡≡ Millbrook 011  —  Crackle faux finish credenza — $350 

Custom Black Crackle faux-finish credenza.

66" wide x 20" deep x 29" high. 4 drawers, doors in center, adjustable shelf behind doors.

$350. great condition.    PRICE REDUCTION!    Make an offer? 





≡≡≡ Millbrook 012  —  013  —   



Thin-Spacer-PNG-950≡≡ Millbrook 014  —  Plant stand with magnolia leaves  —  was $75  now $50.    

Plant Stand 035 x

This artificial plant with stand is nearly 3 ft. high.  

Natural plants are usually imperfect. A perfect plant looks artificial. This plant has a few minor imperfections, which makes it look real and alive. You can enjoy this peaceful presence in your home or office. Even though it is artificial, it brings a harmonious feeling into any room where it inhabits. Yes, it seems to inhabit, not just occupy the space that exists around it. Lovely plant decor artifact! Tuscan feeling. Drought-safe, no watering, thrives on NEGLECT!

Plant stand with artificial magnolia leaves.

$75.  Good condition approximately 30" tall.   PRICE REDUCED!  $50.   OBO 





:: Hank Pitcher  ::  Stairs on a Beach  — $25  a very good deal — in excellent condition.  (Bad Photo.)    


The lighting for the photo on the right was very poor.  Here are better examples of this print. It is mounted under glass and framed with black aluminum.





≡≡≡ Millbrook 015  — Small Decorative Table — $175  


Small crescent shaped decorative table with brass gallery and three drawers chest board top and drawer motif.

Checkerboard wood inlay.

$175.  Great condition.


≡≡≡ Millbrook 016  —  Small white 3 drawer file cabinet — was $45.   NOW   $30.   OBO   


Small white 3 drawer file cabinet, 18 1/2" wide x 18" Deep x 27" high.

Good condition.  

WAS $45.  —  PRICE REDUCED — NOW $30. 




≡≡≡ Millbrook 017  —  4 drawer black legal file cabinets - Three units (3)  —  Sold   

Office 4 drawer black legal file cabinets. Metal.  

Three units. @ $35.  each — all three for $100.  — good condition.

-- SOLD --




≡≡≡ Millbrook 018  — Antique Victorian Eastlake Chair — $300. OBO 

Antique Eastlake Chair East Lake Chair 

21" Wide x 22" deep x 37 1/2" tall, with custom crewel upholstery on seat and back.

This tasteful side chair has been restored, reupholstered with imported Crewel fabric.  I think this is walnut with carving and round wood applied at top of back, very good condition. 

The Eastlake Movement was an American nineteenth-century architectural and household design reform movement started by architect and writer Charles Eastlake (1836–1906) which just happens to encompass the Victorian Era in Britain.

$300. OBO

Please see photos below.


≡≡≡ Millbrook 019  — Antique Spanish Desk — $475. OBO

Antique Spanish Desk with carving on top and on drawers. 

Turned legs at base of drawers with stretchers at bottom. I believe it is Walnut.  

7 drawers, 47 1/2 Wide, 24" Deep x 30" high. 

$475. Good condition.

Antique Eastlake Chair and Spanish Walnut Desk

 Antique Eastlake Chair. Antique Spanish Walnut Desk. 


Eastlake Chair DETAIL





Eastlake Chair DETAIL



Crewel embroidery

fabric re-upholstery 





was $450.

now $295.





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