Two Tabby Cats   . . .   Meet Pip and Ollie

   Pippin and Oliver . . . We need a good home!   

Please contact  (707) 575-9997



About their current situation... 

PiP and OLLiE need a new home.

Recently, Pip and Ollie had been sleeping under the beds. One under the master bed and one in the guest bedroom, whilst we were preparing for our big move. They were scared by commotion, so many people coming and going...  

We are downsizing, retiring, selling our home, and moving to a rental house in a different county. We have placed them temporarily with a caring person, a few miles from our former home in Santa Rosa, and they need a nice quiet, peaceful home with lots of love and kindness. 

Yes, Oliver (Ollie) and Pippin (Pip) were named after two famous Dickens' Characters.

Several favorite cat toys, a litter box, food dispenser, dishes, cat transport carriers, and other supplies will be available at no charge to the right home.  


More Info . . . 

They are brothers from the same litter, perhaps twins? They are six years old. They were adopted by Camille and David as kittens. They are apricot and white, lightly colored like miniature lion cubs, with tabby-patterned fur. 

They are shy cats. They will seek your attention when they want it. They love to be out of doors as well as indoors. They usually spend the whole day outdoors in the backyard. When they come in before dinner at night they explore the house before they settle down. Oliver will meow when he wants a treat. 

They often sleep under the beds and they seem to like women and gentlemen. We don't have young kids, so they have little experience with children. 

Oliver likes to be petted when HE wants to be petted. PIP will sit on Cam's lap at the computer when she's working during the day at times. 

They seem to know only two words:

     • No!  (Stop doing that!)

     • Treats!  (We are getting you a treat now.) 








|||   A Few Transitioning Notes?   |||

Stage one. Week one.

Upon delivery — they need to be kept in a room inside the house for at least a week, preferably connected with a bathroom, with a litter box. 

Stage two, Weeks 2-4.

Open some other rooms of the house to the cats — let them explore the house for a few weeks.

Stage three, Week 5-6.

Let them go outdoors for awhile during the day when it is quiet. 

Ideally, they will use a cat door to go in and out during the daytime. 

At night the cat door may be locked shut when they are inside. 

They will vocally ask to be let out in the morning — Meow!

They will look for someone to allow them out when they want to go out. 

Someday they may bring in a trophy to show you.  A dead rat perhaps? 



We are Pippin (Pip) and Oliver (Ollie)

David gives us a treat just before he lets us go outside every morning!

Can you please help us find a good home, preferably near Santa Rosa?


Meow?”            “Meow!

 ~  We are two very smart cats, we can also speak some Chinese!  ~ 

  Miao?     Miao!